Live Webinars

We know that time out of the office can often be difficult to find which is why our live webinars allow you to join our interactive sessions from the convenience of your own office via telephone and internet access. It is a great way to find out more about a new topic and ask questions to our expert speakers during Q and A session.


In Person Seminars

Join our in person seminars for a chance to connect with speakers and hear about the latest issues and developments face-to-face.



When the legal community, businesses and individuals want to engage us directly to understand the issues and regulatory challenges, boot-camps are the answer. Boot-camps typically come in three formats: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our team of experts will deliver customized training courses based on your industry, operations and requirements to ensure that all of your business units are working in a cohesive, cost-effective and profitable manner.



As we grow, our goal is to further be able to offer high-quality accredited Continuing Legal Education courses (CLE).


Areas of concentration and expertise include the following:

  • Customs & Imports
  • Export Controls
  • Global Trade Compliance
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Foreign Military Sales/DOD
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality Controls/ISO Procedures
  • Cybersecurity & Technology Control Plans


We are always open to topics and speaker suggestions, so please get in touch with us to let us know what we should be covering.



Our facilitators hold various degrees and certifications, including: Licensed Customs Brokers, Juris Doctorates and Masters of Law (LL.M), TSA/IACSSP Certifications, and CISSP, along with decades of valuable experience working for private, public and law firms.

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